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What is Life Insurance? It’s an insurance that’s there to provide a safety net and pay out a lump sum in the event of your death. The majority of policies have no cash in value and if you stop paying your premiums then your cover will end. Some policies have Terminal Illness cover included as standard which means that your policy could pay out before you die.

You can’t predict what life will throw at you but you can prepare for it, contact Mason Scott Insurances today.

Decreasing term insurance covers you for a set term and pays out a lump sum if you die during the policy term. This type of cover is specifically designed to cover the reducing amount you owe on a capital and interest repayment mortgage, where the amount you owe decreases year on year.

Mason Scott are interested in you, in what you need, not in selling a catch-all policy that might hit some of your requirements but will have excess baggage on the side. It can be hard to get the right information from a supersized company, and it’s definitely confusing trying to work it out yourself online.

Any of these look familiar?

  1. You’ve got your dream job, plus a nice little flat. You like going out, you’re a regular at the gym, and you’ve got a ski trip booked for next winter. You think it might be a good idea to get some cover because you’d really struggle if an accident meant you couldn’t get to work for any period of time. Also, a friend of yours has just been diagnosed with cancer, and you realise it could happen to anyone. Plus the deal you’re looking at includes gym membership and cinema tickets.
  2. Last year you met The One, and you’ve decided to buy a house together and start saving for your wedding. As you add up your finances, you realise how difficult things could get if one of you lost your job due to illness. Maybe mortgage protection would be something worth looking at.
  3. You’ve got a toddler and another baby on the way. Life is busy but fun. Outgoings stack up, though, and you want to be sure that certain things could still be managed if life throws any hitches in your way. If anything were to happen to you or your partner, you’d want to know that your family life could carry on.
  4. Made it! You’re retired, the mortgage is finished and you’ve got exciting plans for travel. You’re determined to make the most of the time you have. But you know that you’ll enjoy it more if you don’t have to worry about what will happen in a few years, when you might need help to stay independent. And you’re a practical person: you know the chance of serious illness is a bit more of a probability. If you get things in order now, it’ll be so much easier on your family in the long run.

Let Mason Scott help you navigate through the maze of policies on offer, finding the combination that’s right for you and your family. Freephone: 0800 138 8200    Telephone: 01942 238 214

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