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Life insurance is part of good life planning. It’s there to make sure you and your family are covered in the event of an accident, or critical illness. Mason Scott will make sure you have the cover that’s best for you and your family.

None of us want to think it’ll happen to us, but we’d be foolish not to consider it. Cancer Research UK suggests that 30% of us will develop a form of cancer in our lifetime. A comprehensive life insurance policy will give you peace of mind, knowing that the important financial costs of life will be covered, whatever life throws at you.

Here at Mason Scott, we believe that insurance is a personal thing. We don’t rely on an algorithm to identify the best policy for you. Our advisers, based in our offices in Lancashire, will talk you through your best options, identifying the policy to suit you on both cost and content.

We look at the whole market, considering levels of cover and the amount you want to pay. Many insurers offer added benefits, such as gym membership. We’ll guide you through the options, so you can be certain you get the best deal for you.

Did you know, many Life Insurance policies don’t pay out until probate is fully completed, with a possibility of taking up to two years to clear. We would personally arrange for the policy to be written into a trust for you, avoiding this lengthy probate period to which the sum assured from the Provider would pay directly to a nominated person of your choice should the worse happen.

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We can help you with:

Standard Life Protection

What is Standard Life Protection? It an insurance there to provide a safety net in times of illness, injury or disability. You can’t predict what life will throw at you. You can prepare for it.

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Critical Illness Cover

Life insurance companies don’t always make it clear what your cover means, and deciding whether to take critical illness cover can make quite a difference.

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Income Protection

A mortgage is probably the largest financial commitment you will have in your life. Which means that it’s sensible to be realistic about what might happen over the lifetime of the repayment term.

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  • 98% of Protection claims paid out by British insurers.Insurance statistics taken from www.abi.org.uk Key Facts 2015
  • The UK is the 3rd largest insurance and long term savings industry in the world and largest in the EU.Insurance statistics taken from www.abi.org.uk Key Facts 2015
  • There were 26.9 million individual term, whole of life, income protection and critical illness insurance policies in force, in 2014. In addition, there were 1.7m collective life policies.Insurance statistics taken from www.abi.org.uk Key Facts 2015
  • There were 12m members of death in service, group income protection and group critical illness schemes in 2014, of which 9.4m were life cover. Group cover is provided by employers for the benefit of their employees.Insurance statistics taken from www.abi.org.uk Key Facts 2015
  • £3.4 billion was paid to 128,500 customers or families as a result of claims on protection insurance policies in 2014, an average of £9.4m each day.Insurance statistics taken from www.abi.org.uk Key Facts 2015